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3 Tips For Building a Social Network Community

Establishing your own social network community online is a common goal many share either personal or financial reasons. As social media use soars in popularity so does the traffic that can be found at these sites. As a result online marketers have targeted these communities and have taken to using social networking sites as promotional platforms for their businesses. Well like in most everything else there is a right and wrong way in which to approach any social networking community with the goal to market goods and services.

Here are 3 tips all online marketers can use to get the most out of their time and effort when using social networking sites for promotional reasons.

One Step at a Time

A common miscue many make when using social networking sites for business is that they attempt to work too many sites at the same time. Although this may work well for time efficiency it will not be effective! These communities are based upon socializing and this is not something you can ‘outsource’ or do quickly. To be effective YOU must show up and invest the time to ‘win friends and influence people’ in order to achieve your business goals.

It is recommended you focus on a few communities that work best for you and develop your networks there. In this way you will be more effective and will not be jumping from one site to the next which will result in much wasted time and effort.

Establish Relations First

Once again you are in a community founded for socializing and that is why most everybody frequents these sites. One of the best ways to turn people off is by immediately and continuously promoting your business. These people will only consider purchasing from you if they are familiar with and like you. Building relationships and gaining trust is not something you can do quickly but instead will require time and patience. And along those lines…

Focus on Relationships

Put away the ‘numbers’ mentality you bring with you thinking you need a large following to successfully promote when using social networking sites.. If your focus is primarily on building a large group of followers it will be reflected in your relationship building efforts or lack thereof. Build solid and meaningful relations with those people with whom you have established contact. If your efforts are successful these same people will refer their friends and you will build a large and solid foundation for your following.

By taking the time and patience to gain followers in this manner your future marketing efforts will be much more effective and your followers will remain loyal.

Building your own social network community is a tact that many online marketers are using to help build their businesses. The more that social media use began to soar the more inevitable it became that this traffic would eventually be targeted by merchants. The key to any effectiveness and efficiencies when promoting within any social networking community is the approach and patience. The 3 tips offered here addressed these points and suggest that greater results will be experienced with the use of subtlety and of course as already mentioned, patience. It becomes a matter of applying your ‘green thumb’ to growing a network that will yield you a bountiful harvest, just do not expect it to bloom overnight!

Social Networking Security Tips

Social media has been the phenomenon in recent times with many people having accounts in various different platforms and services. It is from these services that people use to connect with friends and other people on the internet in various different places all over the world. The social networking sites have helped people to share among themselves personal messages, photos and videos. A few examples of the most popular are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and many others.

The sad news is that the rise in popularity of such social networking sites has brought about a rise in the risks which are associated with them. Criminals have infiltrated the networks and they are perpetrating all manner of bad things on followers on the different sites. Hackers, spammers, virus writers, thieves name them all have swarmed on these sites preying on the followers. A lot of caution is advised for people visiting the social networking sites so that they do not fall for the many tricks employed by these criminals. The ease of which people get to join such networks also applies to the ease which the criminals get to take charge of people’s accounts or they get their personal information. Here are some tips and bits which could help an individual keep away from the criminals and their devious ways.

· First and foremost, it is important that an individual is well aware of the information that they post on these social networking sites. It is important to personalize information by changing the set out information material which is going to make it easy for hackers to break into their accounts and with access to information later get into their financial accounts and other important accounts. It is good to formulate your own password questions to secure your accounts. Also make sure that a strong password is used to access the account. Never give out the password and remember to change it regularly.

· The next point therefore becomes that we should never provide sensitive information like the financial account details, the cell phone number, an address, credit card numbers, and even a social security number which when they fall into the hands of the cyber criminals will be used against you.

· Desist from allowing the social networking sites and all other applications on them from scanning your email address in search of friends on the same network. This helps in not giving away the email addresses of friends and even other people to whom you have sent email addresses.

· Avoid or be extremely cautious when clicking on links that may be found or are received from friends on the social network. These links are potential threats to your account, other personal information and even to your PC. They should be treated with a lot of suspicion.

· Not all messages from friends are to be trusted and it is important that if you suspect a message that you really seek authentication from the friend via other means. Hackers could have hijacked the account and are using it to perpetrate or entice people into the same trap that may have befallen the specific friend.

· It is important to select who you accept as a friend on these social networks. Be aware that identity thieves will often create fake profiles so that they are in a position to solicit information from you.

· It is also good that the choice of the social network made be based on the provision of security measures on the social network. Before joining be eager to know if the social network monitors what people are sending. Understand the privacy policy since this is a site on which you will be providing personal information.

· It will be important that you protect your personal computer to avoid spam and the infiltration by viruses and spyware. This calls for the use of antivirus software and the use of firewalls to prevent unauthorized entry into your computer. Always keep updated copies of all these software to be on the safe side.

· It is prudent for an individual to enter the web address of the website on the browser to avoid getting scammed or directed to different websites where personal and login details are captured by the criminals.

· Teach the children on proper usage of the social networking sites and particularly let them know that giving out personal information is not proper.

· The third party applications allowed on the social networking sites are never that good even though they allow for improved functionality on the social networking page. There exists a risk with the use of these applications which will often be used to steal personal information.

It should be remembered that the social media sites are like billboards which we all see on the roadside but in this case they are billboards on the internet. What this implies is that about anyone gets to see the kind of activities that an individual is engaged in. Therefore, do not disclose personal information and that regarding close family members. This should be impressed on children and if possible restrict access and learn more about the website to assure security when social networking. Security begins with the application of common sense before going further to the use to more comprehensive measures.

Time-Saving Social Networking Tips

Online social networking is a free and effective tool to help you quickly and efficiently market your company. Most sites allow you to post articles, publicize events, upload photos, and connect with people from around the world. The most popular social websites for businesses are Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Ning. Each of these websites offers unique marketing opportunities with different communities of business connections.

To help you efficiency and effectively meet your online networking goals, Below are five time-saving tips that every business owner should know.

Define Your Social Networking Purpose
Will you offer products to your networking base or focus on offering advice? Define the purpose that social networking will serve for your business in advance. This will allow you properly choose the right sites for your needs and tailor your posts to achieve your goals.

Pick a Social Networking Site
There are several social networking sites to choose from. Some of the smaller, less popular sites may fit your business niche better then the larger ones.

Don’t Join Every Social Networking Site
Only join the social networking sites that you are able to commit your time to. Remember, joining a networking site and only “showing up” once a month does not reflect positively on your business. It is important to set aside a few minutes each day to log into the social networking sites that you have chosen and post a statement, answer direct messages, and interact with the connections that you have made. This will allow you to build a continual presence and achieve your goals.

Create a Profile
Define how you would like your business to be perceived by the online community. Post an accurate description and biography that reflects your values and your business’s standards. Add a photo, upload your logo, and post your contact information. Doing this ensures that your profile can be easily found and contacts can quickly identify what your business has to offer.

Facebook: The Difference between a Personal Profile, Fan Page, and Group
Facebook offers you the opportunity to market your business in many different ways. To effectively implement your Facebook marketing plan it is important to understand the difference between a personal profile, a fan page, and a group.

Social Networking Tips to Increase Business Success

Social networking is definitely here to stay. As we know by now, it isn’t a fad and as time goes by it has become an important aspect in anyone’s life. Today’s networking sites like MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook have become so valuable to us that we simply can’t let the day or even the hour and minute go by without having logged in to any of them. It is through these social networks that the world has become increasingly small since we are now able to communicate and get in touch with each other instantly. This is a good thing for all of us, especially for families who have a member living far away from them, for friends who are apart from each other, for people who wants to enhance their knowledge through education and even for strangers who are drawn towards each other only because they share a common interest and hobby.

Today’s businessmen know the power and potentials of these networks in attracting prospective clients and customers. Nothing can help disseminate and promote your product and company more than these social networks sites. But being successful in engaging in these social networks depends on the choices you make and strategies you do. So here are some social networking tips on how to use it wisely in order to be successful in your business. Let these social networking tips not only help you but also serve as guidelines for you to follow.

1. Get to know all of the different social networks on the internet and the purpose that they may best serve. Stay informed of the latest and greatest social networking schemes or campaigns so as to always be one step ahead. Do your homework!

2. Choose wisely and be aware that not all social networks sites might be suitable for the kind of business you are in. There are many social networks to choose from but you have to choose the right one since the outcome will greatly affect whatever choices you make. Ask yourself questions like are you going to be able to achieve your company’s goals with the kind of social network you are in? Are you going to be able to connect to a wider section of your target customers?

3. Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to joining the social sites out there. The idea here is not to spread your self too thin. It is better to have joined only a few and be able to interact to as much groups and people as possible than having to join all of the sites out there and yet not being able to give a 100% focus and to be active in it.

4. Be professional as you can in your profiles. Do not put anything that might give your business a negative image. Avoid making degrading remarks that can turn off other people and insult your profession.

5. Be interesting enough to catch the attention and attract the interest of your clients. Remember once they like what they read and see in your website they will gladly share it to their friends.

6. Always be sincere in everything you do and say. Somehow people can sense a phony from a genuine. Sincerity also means fulfilling promises and having a word of honor.

7. Be active and regularly monitor all your accounts in order to be able to keep tract of any questions, feed backs and read all the messages that might be important for your business. Do try to answer all questions and inquiries posted. Be courteous in your dealing with them and encourage all feedbacks since this will help you know the real impressions and needs of your clients.

8. Be informative in your content as possible. Post materials that you feel that will help other people and at the same time make them interested in your business.

All Social networks should be a positive and fun experience for anyone. Using it the right way can help us gain its full potentials and benefits. Make your experience in social networking work positively for you and your business. Take note and if possible follow all the social networking tips given above in order to gain positive experience for you and your business.