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Web Development Mistakes To Avoid

If you want to ensure that your website constantly runs smoothly and is always available for use by your clients, you will need to ensure that you have some effective web development services behind you. No one is perfect, however, and even the best developers in the company are prone to making a mistake or two every now and then. The following list comprises some of the most common mistakes made across the industry, as well as some tips on how to avoid them:

Include copyright information on your web pages to protect your content and design from being stolen by others. If your website is effectively stolen, it can actually lessen the number of visitors (who may think that you were the one who stole the design!).

Limit the amount of web development technologies that you use in your work. Whilst it is great to use the latest and most up to date technologies, it is important to remember that these can actually distract visitors. Instead, use only a few of the latest technologies.

Don’t post a visitor counter on your website. Let’s be honest here – no one, other than you, actually cares how many visitors your website has had. And the counter could come back and bite you in the butt – numbers that are too low are a deterrent, whilst many visitors will not believe numbers that are too high.

Make sure that your navigation is user friendly and that all links work. Having unfriendly navigation and broken links are the biggest no-no’s in the web development industry. You need to make sure that visitors can easily find the information they are after.

Make sure that each web page features a call to action. Every single page should provide visitors with instructions on what they should do next, whether that’s “order now” or “sign up”. Only putting these calls to action of select pages will actually lower your sales.

Don’t produce long pages of content. Your visitors aren’t actually all that interested in reading your whole life story – they want all of the information they require to be presented to them in the shortest form possible, like dot points or mini headings.
When working on your next web development project, making sure that your website does not include any of the above mistakes will go a long way towards ensuring the site’s success. When your developer sends you the prototypes for checking, make sure that you keep an eye out for broken links, calls to action, excessive web development technologies and all of the other elements that could affect your traffic flow.

Tips to Improve Your Web Development Services

If your site is unique, it is but obvious that people would wish to revisit the site time and again. This is the essential reason why improving your web development services is indispensable for the purpose of a recurrent Internet subsistence.

There are certain things which must be adhered to, when you are planning to improve your web development services. If you can follow these tips, success is assuredly yours.

Remember that the end result is dependent on the things which are incorporated within the site. The more you aim at constructing a website which would be frequently browsed, the greater would be the advantages which you can seek from it, in the long run. In case your site incorporates aspects of Ecommerce, it is but natural that you would render the relevant changes to it, on a regular basis, as this would assist in enhancing the level of customer fulfillment as well as endorse new products and services.
State certain fundamental site necessities. All that you would be required to do is to put down certain aspects pertaining to the elements which must be incorporated within the site, as well as its essential presentation. This would assist you in framing a source as to the things which are vital for the construction of the site and this would assist you in improving your site
By suitable utilization of web development services, you can categorize the content you wish to utilize on your site and congregate it into documents. Doing this would render it simpler for you to systematize the information when it is time to formulate content plus layout verdict. This would additionally assist you in prioritizing your site. In the long run, this would aim at determining the total number of pages which are necessitated which would render a distinctive configuration to your website.
By optimum use of web development services, you can design your website in such a way that it incorporates essential elements of your business. Your website is a part of your functioning business, thus it should epitomize your essential company ideals, quality, and additional characteristics that have made it flourishing.
When you are constructing a website with the assistance of web development services, ensure that your site has provisions for effortless navigation. If people are perplexed when they are in the process of seeking relevant information, it is quite probable that they would go somewhere else to initiate their online business. If your site ensures effortless navigation, your probable customers would be happy to return to your site to avail its services, as well as bring in additional business for you.

Tips To Select Web Developer For Your Website

The market today is flooded with lots of web developers. There are no licensing norms in the field of web designing nor there is any barrier kept for entry into this field. Individuals and web developer companies are many. To select the most appropriate developer for your website is not an easy job. The skills and capabilities of developers are varied. Here are few very important tips to select developer as per your requirements.

Always it is beneficial to have specialized people working for you. Website development primarily consists of graphic design and programming. Website developers having expertise in both the aspects of web development are rare. When looking for developers better look for company that has different individuals working on these two aspects. In case the company has same individual working for both then its better to look into company’s portfolio for more details.

Based on your requirements for your website, look into portfolios of those website development companies who have worked previously on websites that are similar to your needs. You can put faith on those web developers who have delivered similar types of website in the past. Simply having great website is not enough in present competitive scenario. The web developer to be selected should be well versed with search engine optimization. The development of your website has to focus on the marketing aspect. The better developed website will have higher ranking in the search results of search engines.

After completion of website development, your website is to be hosted. You should know who will host the developed website of yours. If website developer and web hosting company are different then in case of any problem encountered in making your website online will not be dealt properly since the two may accuse another for the problem being faced. It is always better to give responsibility of web hosting to your web developer so that any problem can be sorted out without wasting precious time.

It is always advantageous to have long term developer so that with passing of time whatever problems that you face can be taken care of. However you should make clear how you will be charged for maintenance and day to day problems that you come across with the web developer hired. The domain name has to be registered in your name or your company’s name so that if you want to leave web hosting company in future that can be done without the assistance of your web developer. Also you need to keep copy of your website.

You should ask for references from developer and should find to call those references personally to know the feedback of the company to be hired for your web development work. You will have idea of how the web development company maintains relationship with its clients. The company with unprofessional attitude towards its customer needs to be avoided. The reliability of the website development company to be hired can be gauged.

5 Basic Web Development Tips

Here are 5 basic web development tips that may help you fine tune you website.

KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid: Keep your visitor’s attention by not overcrowding the page. Do you have more stuff then you need to? Do you have too many boxes, colours, lines and any other “pretty” stuff without functionality that you don’t need? Too may navigation options? How about typefaces? Have you used more then 2 basic fonts? Simplify and strip out everything that is not needed.

Think of every page on your website as an ad: Each page is an advertisement either for the information on the page, a function, info capture, or for information on another page. That is the purpose of a good web page. When your page works well, visitors will continue to engage with the web site.

Design Is Important. Or Is It? Coming from a web designer this will come as a surprise. But tests have shown that sometimes very basic, ugly, cheap-looking designs can outperform slick professional design. Why? The main job of a web page is to facilitate communication and an attractive design done for the sole purpose of “looking cool” can get in the way. The design will either support the message you want to share by drawing attention to the message, or it will detract – by drawing attention to itself. You don’t want visitors to your website to stop and look AT your web design. You want them to interact with the information on it.

Saying It Clearly: What can you do here? What is this page about? Why am I looking at this picture? Whatever it may be, just clearly say it! Make sure there are no surprises. If the link says “Contact Us”, make sure it goes there. It sounds obvious, but it happens very often, especially in navigation, that links are misleading. Don’t let visitors wonder where they are. Take them by hand and guide them through the website.

Relevance Is The Key: In order for Google to rate your web page, it will look at the its relevance: how relevant is the information on the page, and how relevant it is as far as the rest of the world is concerned. The really important factor is what the rest of the world says the page is about. And this is based mainly on one thing – inbound links. But creating your own links is very time-consuming. And if you go chasing links from immaterial and low PageRank pages, you are wasting your time. That’s why the information on your web page has to be relevant to your site as well as interesting and impactful enough for visitors to come and link to it on their own.