I Wonder if This Idea is Practical

The basis of the idea is pretty simple. I am going to be in college and I am going to need some money for food, shelter and essentials. Obviously I would very much like to have some money for other things, mostly meaning girls. At any rate I am going to be in college which consumes time, so I have rather little time for earning money. I got to thinking that I could probably try to form a web design company, but the practical issues seem to argue that this would be a difficult thing. As for the actual work I actually think that I could do that fairly well. I would have to charge a low rate since it would not be the best and greatest web page, but it would perform the essential things that are needed from a web page. The part that makes it seem like a bad idea have little to do with the actual task of making a web page.

That is the part where you have to get people who need web pages to come to you, the selling of the service. In fact I would not obviously want to be too good at that, since I am not going to be able to build these sites like they were cookies. Instead I am going to need a steady, but slow stream of clients. There is an obvious thing to this, but you are not going to be able to do things half of the way I suppose. You would either need to be all the way in or all of the way out, which would not be the case. The actual task of selling the service seems to ruin a plan that would otherwise make a great deal of sense for a person in my situation.