The Club is Almost Ready for the Opening

The club is almost ready for the grand opening, but there is a lot of little things left to do. In fact the whole thing is kind of like a mid life crisis. My boss is about thirty seven I think, he is really rich and he is divorced. So he has decided that he is going to go all out to impress his girlfriend. She is not half his age, that would probably not be legal. However she is still in college, she is smart enough to work on a custom web app development for the club. That is actually quite clever, I have seen a beta copy of it. The idea is really simple. You would use the phone instead of your credit card at the bar and at the door. Of course the app is going to tell you who is going to be on the stage any night of the week that you should want to go.

That is where I come in, the boss went out and looked around for someone like me to take care of the music. Obviously that is a huge deal when you are building the entire idea around live music. We are going to be able to squeeze around seven hundred and fifty people in here once the club is open, which should be in the next two or three weeks. We are almost ready for the opening, in fact today I had some friends of mine come in to test the sound system. They were planning on rehearsing any how, so all it took was a couple of cases of beers. The boss and his girlfriend came in while they were playing and they got very excited. The acoustics turned out really great. I went all over the floor and could not find any places where the sound was not good.