Time-Saving Social Networking Tips

Online social networking is a free and effective tool to help you quickly and efficiently market your company. Most sites allow you to post articles, publicize events, upload photos, and connect with people from around the world. The most popular social websites for businesses are Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and Ning. Each of these websites offers unique marketing opportunities with different communities of business connections.

To help you efficiency and effectively meet your online networking goals, Below are five time-saving tips that every business owner should know.

Define Your Social Networking Purpose
Will you offer products to your networking base or focus on offering advice? Define the purpose that social networking will serve for your business in advance. This will allow you properly choose the right sites for your needs and tailor your posts to achieve your goals.

Pick a Social Networking Site
There are several social networking sites to choose from. Some of the smaller, less popular sites may fit your business niche better then the larger ones.

Don’t Join Every Social Networking Site
Only join the social networking sites that you are able to commit your time to. Remember, joining a networking site and only “showing up” once a month does not reflect positively on your business. It is important to set aside a few minutes each day to log into the social networking sites that you have chosen and post a statement, answer direct messages, and interact with the connections that you have made. This will allow you to build a continual presence and achieve your goals.

Create a Profile
Define how you would like your business to be perceived by the online community. Post an accurate description and biography that reflects your values and your business’s standards. Add a photo, upload your logo, and post your contact information. Doing this ensures that your profile can be easily found and contacts can quickly identify what your business has to offer.

Facebook: The Difference between a Personal Profile, Fan Page, and Group
Facebook offers you the opportunity to market your business in many different ways. To effectively implement your Facebook marketing plan it is important to understand the difference between a personal profile, a fan page, and a group.